For I Am - All About Perspectives

"All About Perspectives" is our second studio album, released on March 18th, 2017.

Its release was preceded by the single ‘(Make It Out) Alive where we invited Hans from F.O.D. to sing along!

The album was released by Bearded Punk Records, Disconnect Disconnect (UK), Trilob Records (NL) and Infected Records (POR), which effectively gave us the opportunity to become label buddies and get acquainted with amazing bands such as  Rebuke, 7YEARSBADLUCK, Local Resident Failure, Adrenalized, The Decline, Adhesive, Harsh Realms, Antillectual, Coral Springs, MARCH.

This album features 12 tracks. With “All About Perspectives” we pack plenty ofe nergy and stay true to our love of big hooks, but we showcase the fact that we've also grown as songwriters, in creating an album that will equally attract those with a love of fast punk rock and those with more of a taste for catchy pop punk. 

"All About Perspectives" was produced by ‘Tim Van Doorn’, recorded, mixed and mastered by Filip De Bot (Penthouse Studios). Guest appearances from Jens Verwimp (backings on "Simpleton For President") - Daniel van Pijlen (backings on "Wayward") - Tim Van Doorn (backings on 'An Unusual Kind Of Magic") - Hans Roofthooft (backings on "(Make It Out) Alive"). Artwork by the wonderful 'Mark Bell'.

Available on colored vinyl, jewelcase CD and all digital platforms. Head to our webshop to order your copy!


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